Marilyn Gough Fine Artist

Marilyn creates her artwork from her studio in Cheltenham at Lansdown Art Studios. She has a permanent exhibition in collaboration with Keith Holland Opticians, showcasing the mix of Regency Architecture and modern abstract art.


Marilyn’s artworks are stunning abstract paintings, the vibrant colours flow around the canvas using the negative space to enhance the movement.

Using her unique way of working no two paintings will ever be the same. She uses fluid paints, drawing inks and mediums, no brushes are involved, and the colours are literally poured onto the canvas, creating beautiful shapes and patterns that are alive with exuberant colour and movement. Her inspiration comes from nature, the sea, and the cosmos, particularly the amazing images provided by the Hubble telescope.

Marilyn works with health professionals, hotel groups and interior designers. Her paintings bring joy to any room ensuring a relaxed and happy atmosphere for their patients and visitors.

Marilyn exhibited early 2018 in Gloucestershire and Bristol. At the end of July, she was accepted to take part in the s’Arraco Night of Art in Mallorca. Marilyn has held exhibitions in London, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Toulouse (S.W. France) Albi (S.W. France), Dubai and Delhi. She has travelled extensively and has paintings in private collections in the UK, France, Mallorca, Dubai and India. Her next exhibition will be at the NEC, Birmingham to attend Grand Designs on 10-14 October 2018.

If you like her art she would love to welcome you to her studio in Cheltenham, for a coffee and a chat.

Technique & Process


Each painting is totally unique in fact it would be impossible for me to create two identical paintings. I use stretched Cotton canvases and paint in mixed media using golden high flow acrylics drawing inks and Metallic inks. All are colourfast. I also use Faux gold and silver leaf. By design part of the paintings have a gloss finish and parts are matt achieving a pleasant contrast.

The paintings flow as the paint is poured on rather than using a brush. Each layer takes 24 hours to dry before the next pour can be applied. This method creates depth and movement to the painting however it can take some time to achieve the desired finish especially if the painting is large.

Bespoke Commissions


I am very happy to accept commissions or if one of my paintings has been sold I will create a similar painting, however, it will never be exactly the same as each piece is totally unique.

I have worked with Interior Designers to create artworks for a specific scheme, in the colour palette of the clients choice.  If I am painting an artwork for you I will photograph through the stages, and send a video of the final piece to ensure that you love it prior to shipping.